[thelist] apply PRE formatting with css?

nate koechley nate at vicksburgcollective.com
Wed Sep 5 12:41:56 CDT 2001

actually Sam, in addition to the excellent hs_escapehtml activescript 
(which is exactly what i wanted), you have a whole page of fantastic 
homesite Extensibility tools! I've a big fan of PowerPaste, LoremIpsum, and 
TotalImgWidths. (I found all these last week, after my post.)

Thanks for your response (wow, were you browsing the archives?), and thanks 
for having the great page http://www.sam-i-am.com/work/homesite/.


<tip type="homesite extensions" author="nate koechley">
I'm a fan of the text editor Homesite. If you are too, you might consider 
some of these great extensions.
http://www.sam-i-am.com/work/homesite/index.html (Sam-I-Am's page)
http://scripts.hsguide.com/scripts.php3 (especially script-explorer, xml 
reformatter, and xsl transformation)
http://www.wilk4.com/asp4hs/php4hs.htm (many good php tools, but more than 
just php, too.)

At 09:19 AM 9/5/2001 -0500, Sam-I-Am wrote:
> > on a related note, does anybody have a script or homesite extension form
> > translating all the [< ] to [ &lt; ] (acutally, all the carets, quotes,
> > etc...)?
>as it happens I do:
>it doesn't do all extended characters, just a few of the more common
>Would be super easy to extend though.

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