[thelist] Another copyright issue

Jeanne Edna Thelwell jet at matantisi.com
Wed Sep 5 12:58:07 CDT 2001

Well, the copyright on the materials they give you to use never 
become yours unless they specifically agree to that.   The use of it 
on the website is essentially a licensed use, and gives you no rights 
to the material.  The issue is who owns the webpage design.  Without 
reviewing the caselaw, I suspect the design is yours until you're 
paid for it, but you could certainly deal with that in the contract. 
Even if they never pay you and you keep the design, you could not 
reuse it with their material in it.

>Hi All
>I need a little help in trying to clarify a copyright issue.
>When is the copyright the clients and when is it mine?.
>Example: The client gives me their copyrighted material for the web page so
>at this point it is theirs, correct?
>When I construct the web page and add this material, does it and the web
>page itself become mine until the client has paid in full? or is it all the
>clients because they have given me half the money now?
>Sorry to open the copyright issue up again but I didn't seem to find an
>answer in the archives. this question is the result of a contract issue I'm
>researching now.


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