[thelist] Office Furniture

Pearson, John JOHN.PEARSON at eia.doe.gov
Wed Sep 5 13:12:33 CDT 2001

throw in  a coupla $100 Container Store kitchen racks in chrome, 6' X 6' with
multiple shelves.  I hold on my av stuff (scanner -- vcr, books etc) on these.

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> From: Gina K. Anderson
> Moving to a house where I finally get a real office

you may already have chairs, but if you can afford it, *DON'T* skimp on
them.  if you wanna be able to walk fully upright after a long day of work
then you need a good, supportive chair.  in the world of chairs there are
the cheapies, the creepies, and the sleepies.  then, there's the granddaddy
of them all -- herman miller's aeron chair.  i have one myself and wouldn't
give it up for anything.

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