[thelist] Office Furniture

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Wed Sep 5 13:58:06 CDT 2001

> Consider alternatives to chairs. Chairs *suck*. All chairs. They 
> foster poor posture and all of its various manifestations. I just
> *hate* chairs. YMMV. 
> Options: 
> 1) sit cross-legged on a floor pillow (with monitors, keyboards and 
>        whatnot at appropriate heights, of course! A plastic storage 
>        crate holds hanging file folders *and* is perfect height for 
>        a keyboard, at least for me).
> 2) try the backless kneeling "chairs" (no reference, but I saw one
>        in a store a few days ago so they still make 'em); they seem 
>        comfortable but I've never used one for any length of time,
>        being happy with option 1 ...
>        These work with standard height desks, though, so you can 
>        alternate with a standard chair until your back muscles get
>        used to supporting your own body weight (what a concept!).
> 3) there are adjustable-height working surfaces that let you work 
>        standing or sitting; again, no direct experience ... 

I also have a friend who sits at her desk with one of those large, blue
exercise balls. She says that her back feels great. I'm considering
doing that myself as I can't afford an Aeron (though I do so covet) and
I think it would be fun.

- amanda


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