[thelist] Server Space with PHP/FTP Script support

Bill Haenel bill at ncpr.org
Wed Sep 5 15:22:30 CDT 2001

I'm about to finish off a project that includes a PHP script for FTP.
Unfortunately, after completing the work on my dev machine, I was
unpleasantly surprised to find that my host does not and will not support
PHP FTP functionality.

So I think I'm going to put the script on a server somewhere else, but I'm
not sure where I should put it. Anyone know of a host that offers FTP script
support that would host a few small scripts for a very low cost, say, FREE?

Thx in advance.


P.S. -BTW, After getting warnings from several evolters about security holes
in phpBB (which I did not patch after finding out - duh!?), our phpBB-based
BB was hacked night before last. Not cool. My fault. We fixed it, though.
Thanks for the tips on how to fix it, guys.

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