[thelist] Is this a good idea...or am I crazy?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Wed Sep 5 15:34:51 CDT 2001

Hi Ryan,

It's been quite a while since I've looked at it, but the "early"
software for automating telephone surveys (for example) was entirely
dynamic. [Pretty much each question or screen of two or three questions
was a separate "call to the server" - if you want to put it in those

On the "plus" side - it meant that the "skip patterns" were correctly
adhered to. (Something that didn't always happen in a 'paper' world!)
It also meant that the analyst could capture 'partials' and decide later
whether to incorporate the results or not.

On the "minus" side - those were dedicated systems.  In order to do the
same thing over the web, you would have to make sure you had your
'session' information correct in order to tie sucessive responses to the
same respondant.

Maybe try a three-way test: (A) for your current methodology, (B) for
your 'compressed' questionnaire, (C) for a series of 'micro-files' ---
e.g. "Do you like candy? (Press 'Yes' or 'No')"  where the response
posts the data to the server where it is stored in the database and
redirected to the next question or two.

Do some time tests ... and/or test some users ... and/or ... do a



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I'm just looking for ways of compressing down the size of surveys on

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