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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Wed Sep 5 16:03:24 CDT 2001

Hi Hassan,

I think I have to agree with Jeff on those spiffy chairs ... we have a
few around here and they ARE pretty darn nice - even if I don't rate
one. (sigh) [Anyway, I saw one in an office furniture store done
completely in chrome - a floor demo! ... Half-Price!!  Unfortunately,
they still wanted $600 for the bugger!  Rats!  But it is near the top of
my "lotto list"!]

I had to chime in - because I DID get a chance to use the
'adjustable-height' buggers once [as a 'management scab working 12 hour
days - 7 days a week pretending to be a 411 operator' during a telco
strike].  They were pretty cool - you could sit and work ... or hit the
hydraulic button and push your chair away to stand and work for a while
- very very nice!!

RonL. (Who keeps his home computers on a used dining room table - but
would reaaaallly rather have a chair like Jeff's and a pod like
Lemur's!) <inline rant>Who are these people who design 'computer
workstations'? I need HUGE amounts of table space AND floor space AND
wall space too! - for working papers, half-empty diet pepsi cans,
miscellaneous toys, and dog-eared reference books. Hell - the average
'Sauder' desk wouldn't even hold all my post-it notes!! Humbug!</rant>

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3) there are adjustable-height working surfaces that let you work 
       standing or sitting; again, no direct experience ... 

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