[thelist] Oracle learning curve?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Sep 5 16:06:51 CDT 2001

Frank -

I've worked with DB2, MySQL, Oracle, and a bit of Postgresql now and I 
don't see any huge learning curves in learning Oracle..

If you're talking Oracle syntax that is.. :)

Its got its share of built in functions(most of which *rock*) and that 
sort of stuff, but like you mention, there are bound to be some differences.

If you're talking about admin'ing an Oracle server, thats a whole 
different ballgame. Oracle has more tuning parameters than any other DB 
i've ever worked with, and sometimes there a bit much to deal with. 
OTOH, this is what makes Oracle the DB of choice for large org's and 
enterprises. :)

Shout if you have more specific questions :)


Frank wrote:
> I'm thinking of adding Oracle to my learning curve. I've already got 
> experience with Access, MySQL, FileMakerPro, 4D. Just how big of a leap 
> to oracle is this?
> My initial impressions are that a database is a database and that there 
> are bound to be some differences, but if one has a solid foundation, 
> that it really shouldn't be a big deal. The differences might be 
> analogous to the differences in the *nix, Mac and Win OSs.

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