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Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com
Wed Sep 5 16:26:51 CDT 2001

| I'll give my +1 to the kneeling chairs as well. They *force* 
| you to sit 
| upright and with good posture, but its not something you even think 
| about while sitting in it.
| Also, you have a lot more mobility with a kneeling chair IMO because 
| you're feet are right underneath you and its easier to move around. 

Another +1.

I used one in my last job for months and have never had a more 1)
comfortable experience, and 2) ease of mobility. With no back and sides, I
could zip across a plastic mat, and use my feet to swivel among 4
workstations.... big plus for combining ergonomics with playground-like ease
of use!

| Decent ones run about $75 - $100 US (Do *not* get the OfficeMax $35 
| dollar special), but its well worth it to not have an aching 
| back at the 
| end of the day :)


I can't remember the spelling, exactly, but the chair is called a Haag (or
Hoog). I'll try to find out where it was purchased. It was top quality: and
only about US$230.

<rory disposition="now ergonomically challenged" alt="o)o"/>

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