[thelist] design critique

Lindsay Evans lindsay at redsquare.com.au
Wed Sep 5 17:18:05 CDT 2001

> The site looks lovely. Colours are very pleasing to
> the eye IMO. Loads fairly instantly. The liquid
> width of the boxes is nice too.

ta :o)

> Are you only supposed to be able to see half the
> header text with the boxes overlapping? It's kinda
> annoying, even though you can tell what they are.

yep, they're meant to be like that
I rather like the effect on the top box, maybe if I stuck the headers on the
right hand side it would work better...

> For the "FREELANCE WEB GEEK" text under your logo,
> I'd change the colour within the stroke to white,
> rather than yellow (or maybe just a lighter
> yellow) - it's a little difficult to read on a high
> res.

good point, the text was originally just the orange colour without the
stroke, but it was a bit too hard to read

> I think that would look nice, especially if it came
> right down over the keyline...

exactly what I had in mind :o)

> I think they look good already... what colour were
> you considering changing to?

possibly a more "fluorescent" shade of orange, most of the colour scheme I
got from a new Puma shirt that I bought a few weeks ago, it has a lovely
fluorescent shade of orange on the highlights

 Lindsay Evans.
 Production Artist/Coder,
 Red Square Productions.

 vox: 8596.4000
 fax: 8596.4001
 web: www.redsquare.com.au

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