[thelist] SQL Server: Can I Import an Access DB via HTTP?

cantone (RR) cantone at austin.rr.com
Wed Sep 5 18:33:50 CDT 2001

You should be able to do so via
2) named pipes

There is (used to be, anyway) an Access "Upsizing Wizard" that would create
a SQL Server db from an .mdb ... As long as you don't have too many
Access-specific SQL queries/statements (from recollection)

Otherwise, you will have to write some SQL CREATE TABLE scripts and import
the data. BCP (BulkCopy) is a command line interface that uses either
netbeui or TCP/IP to connect to the SQL Server db.

Far and away the easiest is ODBC -- some overhead; but if you're looking for
ease of use, it's probably it. It's located in the Windows Control Panel.
You specify the DSN, db, privs, etc. and then link your Access tables to the
MS SQL Server and copy away.

-- Carl

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From: James Aylard
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Subject: [thelist] SQL Server: Can I Import an Access DB via HTTP?

SQL Server types:

    On a far-flung branch of the corporate Intranet is an Access database
that I would like to periodically -- and automatically -- import into a SQL
server table. I can access the MDB file via a URL, but not via the file
system, and the hurdles I would have to jump over to gain access to the file
through the file system are too horrendous to even ponder.
    My question: is it possible to import data from an MDB file via HTTP
rather than via the file system?
    I can't find any info on this either at microsoft.com or via google, so
I'm turning to the big guns for help... Anyone?

James Aylard

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