[thelist] redirection based on domain (fwd)

Joshua Olson joshua at alphashop.net
Thu Sep 6 00:29:15 CDT 2001

I think you'll find that most browsers do indeed support the META REFRESH
and that very few clients will be unable to access your site.  As far as the
concerns with logging, your best bet is to find out if you can get into the
original pages with the anchors and change the links to point to index.cfm
instead of index.html.

Otherwise, see if you can get interland to map .html to the ColdFusion
Parser.  If they can hook in the .html to be parsed, then you won't even
necessarily need the redirect because you could simple <cfinclude> the
correct templates within Application.cfm and then <cfabort> if the domain is
the new one.  While that is not the most glamorous solution, it would save
you the hassle of incorrect logs.



You wrote,
: User types in www.abc.com
: index.cfm is the main page in the site, this triggers the Application.cfm
: page (I am not using ANY CF on this site at all - this would be the only
: reason.)
: within Application.cfm, I have
: <CFLOCATION URL="http://www.abc.com/newbook/index.html">
: </CFIF>
: Now, in this case, the main home page was index.html, so I renamed it to
: index.cfm. This caused an issue with links in the site, so now I have
: index.html - loads by default - within that page is a META Refresh to send
: to index.cfm
: index.cfm - main page of the site (calls Application.cfm to check domain
: name and redirect if applicable)
: Now... is there any instance where a browser would not support the META
: Refresh?
: Is there another way to do this that doesn't skew log reporting and
: possible exclusion of visitors because of the Refresh?
: I chose to use CF here because that's what I know, but I am not "married"
: to it if there is a more graceful solution.
: TIA!
: Susan Wallace

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