[thelist] Book: Principles of Programming

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Sep 6 11:59:04 CDT 2001

Frank  -

I'd *highly* recommend the legendary writings of Donald Knuth, 
specifically The Art of Computer Programming(*the* book by which all 
others are measured) and Selected Papers on the Analysis of Algorithms. 
Also good is Ronald Graham with Concrete Mathematics : A Foundation for 
Computer Science which will get you a good insight into the basis of 
algorithms as they relate to computers..

there are hundreds more, but those should get you started :)


Frank wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a good book that will explain the theoretical 
> basics of programming in a language/environment neutral way? There are 
> so many principles that can be taken to the Nth degree, from simple 
> recursion to lazy algorithms, that a university educated comp-sci person 
> would know, but a self-taught person might not think to look up.

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