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Gerenday, Perry (P.) pgerenda at visteon.com
Thu Sep 6 12:57:51 CDT 2001

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From: john corry [mailto:john at neoncowboy.com]

 > http://www.simmerhawaii.com/masts/index.php
 > This page is looking exactly the way I want it to in IE 5. 
 > But leave it to
 > NN 4.7 to trash it...
 > In NN 4.72 the main content table cell stretches beyond the 
 > width of the
 > page, creating an unnecessary horizontl scrollbar. I can't 
 > figure out why...
Hi John,

I believe you can solve your problem if you enter width values in your <td>
tags in this area:

<!-- round rectangle content border -->

You know the width of these cells because you know the width of the gifs
that go inside them which make up the border. Give the content area a <td>
width value also to confine how wide the text stretches the cell.

That should solve your problem.

Perry Gerenday, Visual Communications Artist

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