[thelist] cross browser dhtml help wanted

nate koechley nate at vicksburgcollective.com
Thu Sep 6 13:11:42 CDT 2001

hey jelle,

actually, i'm not sure it's working perfectly in IE afterall.  (i'm on 
win2Kpro, IE5.50.4522.1800). (you're getting there though, good work.)

comment one:
symptoms: when i mouseOver "Visibility", i see a layer appear with two 
links in it. but, i can't click either of the links, because as soon as i 
mouseOut of "Visibility", en route to the links, the links disappear.

but, that aside, here's some thoughts:

comment two:
you currently have:
<DIV ID="d2Div" class="dropdown2">

what you might consider:
<DIV ID="d2Div" name="d2Div" class="dropdown2">

why? because [i think] netscape will only reference an element by name, not 
ID. so, put both in, and you'll keep more browsers happy.

comment three:
you currently have:
<TD onmouseover="show('d3Div'); this.bgColor='#e7946b'" 
onmouseout="hide('d3Div'); this.bgColor='#339900'" class="dropdTD1">
         <a href="">link 1</a>

what you might consider:
         <a href=""onmouseover="show('d3Div'); this.bgColor='#e7946b'" 
onmouseout="hide('d3Div'); this.bgColor='#339900'" class="dropdTD1">link 1</a>

why? because capturing events, like "onmouseover", is much more reliable 
from within an <A> than within a <TD>.


At 05:45 PM 9/6/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>I just started playing around with DHTML, my firstborn works great in IE,
>but sux0rs on NS.
>Any of you feel like taking a peek and giving me some pointers  as to what i
>need to do to get ma baby cross browser accessible ? (i don't have a clue
>muchos gracias, jelle
>Jelle Desramaults
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