[thelist] limit the size on entry on multiline text areas

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Sep 6 16:06:14 CDT 2001

> Leave such quality and excellent comprehensiveness
> to those industrious Finns!

this one in particular

"yukka" (his name is Jukka Korpela) is well known on the internet,
being an early and prolific writer

he used to be at the Helsinki University of Technology (www.hut.fi)
but he left there and they closed his site -- looks like his move to his
new domain is complete

i remember reading his stuff in some research i did
about never using numeric entities in the range &#127
through &#159 -- this page is now at


i still occasionally have arguments with people who say it's perfectly
okay to used these codes (hi aardvark) but me personally i try
not to use them if i don't have to


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