[thelist] Book: Principles of Programming

nate koechley nate at vicksburgcollective.com
Thu Sep 6 17:15:26 CDT 2001

just want to make sure my 60 bucks goes for the correct book:

do you mean this book? 

is it written by Thomas Cormen? I couldn't find anything with the ISBN you 
included (hence the confusion).

Amazon says the ISBN for Intro to Algorithms by Cormen is 0262031418.


At 06:07 PM 9/6/2001 -0400, someone wrote:

>: Introduction to Algorithms ISBN: 0-07-013151 Goes over Algorithms using
>: Psudo Code, so its totally language neutral.
>+1 on that.  I bought it in HS and it turned out to be a standard text book
>at my university when I finally went through the advanced classes 4 years
>later.  It's a great book.

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