[thelist] Deleting a file through FTP connection

Cancilla Dominick cancilla.d at buckconsultants.com
Thu Sep 6 17:38:43 CDT 2001

I recently took over a Website that has no organization what so ever. I'm
trying to clean the site up, but find that there are a couple of files I
can't delete. Apparently, my client was using Adobe GoLive to do his site
and posted a couple of files with spaces at the beginning of their names (he
thought this would help people who downloaded the files as it would keep
them at the top of a file list). He can't delete the files with GoLive (and
I'm unfamiliar with that software), and both Fetch and Dreamweaver are
unable to delete the files, I'm assuming because of the spaces.

Any suggestions for deleting the offending documents?


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