[thelist] Deleting a file through FTP connection

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Thu Sep 6 17:47:00 CDT 2001



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> Subject: [thelist] Deleting a file through FTP connection
> I recently took over a Website that has no organization what so ever. I'm
> trying to clean the site up, but find that there are a couple of files I
> can't delete. Apparently, my client was using Adobe GoLive to do his site
> and posted a couple of files with spaces at the beginning of 
> their names (he
> thought this would help people who downloaded the files as it would keep
> them at the top of a file list). He can't delete the files with 
> GoLive (and
> I'm unfamiliar with that software), and both Fetch and Dreamweaver are
> unable to delete the files, I'm assuming because of the spaces.
> Any suggestions for deleting the offending documents?
> Thanks!
> --Dominick

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