[thelist] Email and sending

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Thu Sep 6 20:43:11 CDT 2001

Are the ones that DO go at the top of the list?  If so, your ISP
might only be allowing X messages to be sent in one session.  Their
way of not allowing SPAM.

If not, look for other things in common with those that don't go.
Make sure they are going from the same Mail account.  

Just a few shots in the dark...


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> Subject: [thelist] Email and sending
> I'm at my wit's end, this annoys me so. I was hoping that my
> probably-dumb question might have a simple answer.
> I just got a new computer and I'm using Outlook 2002 (send flames and
> hatemail to support at microsoft.com). I have two pop accounts that I check
> each time I send/receive email.
> Sometimes, when I send multiple messages... *some* of them go but not
> others. Drives me farking batty. Is my connection pooping out halfway
> through? Any thoughts on this?
> - amanda

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