[thelist] ASP or DHTML - when to use?

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Fri Sep 7 08:11:00 CDT 2001

On NT, if you use the asp filename extension, it parses the entire file,
looking for server side code to play with. It's supposedly quite a
performance hit. On Win2K, it checks for code delimiters first, and if it
doesn't find any, sends the page without further parsing. According to
Microsoft, a negligible performance hit. I have no empirical data to support
either supposition, just MS's word for it. No idea if the same concept holds
true for php, but while I've seen sites that mix asp and html extensions,
php sites always appear to be php only (but if anyone wants to educate me it
would be appreciated.)

joel at spinhead.com

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I was wondering about how you guys define when a site needs to be
developed in ASP/PHP or just to use plain DHTML.
I have a friend that uses the asp extension even when the page doesn't
have any asp code is it....
What are the guidelines to make that choice?

Thanks in advance,


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