[thelist] ASP or DHTML - when to use?

Mark Kennedy mark at eurogamer.net
Fri Sep 7 08:21:21 CDT 2001

Well, I think php does some caching, although I'm not entirely sure to what
extent.  I know that changing a php include doesn't always get reflected in a
page refresh - you have to touch the main source file too.

If it does cache the output of an entire script based on the GET line contents,
then static pages with a php suffix shouldn't be any slower.  At least, I've
never noticed such a thing, and I often build multiple static pages with similar
content using php includes for things like page headers.



Mark Kennedy

On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Joel D Canfield wrote:

>On NT, if you use the asp filename extension, it parses the entire file,
>looking for server side code to play with. It's supposedly quite a
>performance hit. On Win2K, it checks for code delimiters first, and if it
>doesn't find any, sends the page without further parsing. According to
>Microsoft, a negligible performance hit. I have no empirical data to support
>either supposition, just MS's word for it. No idea if the same concept holds
>true for php, but while I've seen sites that mix asp and html extensions,
>php sites always appear to be php only (but if anyone wants to educate me it
>would be appreciated.)
>joel at spinhead.com
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>I was wondering about how you guys define when a site needs to be
>developed in ASP/PHP or just to use plain DHTML.
>I have a friend that uses the asp extension even when the page doesn't
>have any asp code is it....
>What are the guidelines to make that choice?
>Thanks in advance,
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