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Paul Rollo paul at argoim.com
Fri Sep 7 08:22:24 CDT 2001

Not only excessive but crazy I would venture.  But I think his motives are 
correct.  You've got loads of information on there, but my advice would be 
to spend resources on developing a design which can be regularly updated 
with stories, commentary, news items all of which will cumulatively collect 
to form a great resource for visitors, interesting not just informative, 
and will provide multiple entry points to the site for users coming 
directly from a search engine which has crawled and indexed your pages.

Design wise, you could seasonally adjust your site to add variety but it is 
important from a branding and usability perspective to keep the site using 
a familiar design and navigation system without adjusting unnecessarily.

Just a thought,

At 08:30 07/09/01 -0400, JenniferE at mif.com wrote:
>My boss thinks our corporate web site should be redesigned on a regular 
>basis (like every quarter or 4 months) to "keep it interesting".  I think 
>this is excessive.  For one thing, we do have people hit the site on a 
>regular basis for online tracking
>features, and I think they would like to have more consistency than 
>that.  And I just don't think changing that often is necessary.  What are 
>your opinions?
>Web site: http://www.mif.com
>Thanks, Jennifer
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