[thelist] Extranet

Brent Martino brent at fusemarketing.com
Fri Sep 7 08:58:32 CDT 2001

Hi All,
 I have been asked to look into building an extranet or some sort of client
review area on our web site. I have no idea what software is available to
build this or if I should go with a custom built solution. We are an Ad
Agency so my boss wants to be able to do things like post pdf's of printed
pieces for client approval and post project status as well as get client
feedback online. The other thing they want is for all of the project
managers to be able to administer the system so it would need a simple front
end that requires no HTML knowledge. Oh and did I mention they want it to be
fairly inexpensive? of course)

Thanks in advance
Brent Martino

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