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lauren g lauren3g at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 7 09:40:45 CDT 2001


I don't think some redesign every quarter is bad at all as long as it isn't 
an overhaul.  I think the overall look and feel, navigation etc should 
remain the same.  People do get familiar with things and they don't want to 
have to relearn how to use the site every quarter.

On the other hand updating information, having a quarterly section that 
changes or even seasonal color/illustration graphic change that relates to 
your industry might keep the site interesting for returning viewers.

I looked at the site and right now it doesn't seem that this idea would 
implement well.  Next time you overhaul the site, think about areas you 
could update regularly.  Make it as easy to do as possible especially if it 
is graphic changes.

>From: JenniferE at mif.com
>My boss thinks our corporate web site should be redesigned on a regular 
>basis (like every quarter or 4 months) to "keep it interesting".  I think 
>this is excessive.  For one thing, we do have people hit the site on a 
>regular basis for online tracking features, and I think they would like to 
>have more consistency than that. What are your opinions?
>Web site: http://www.mif.com
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