[thelist] query string manipulation

Joshua Olson joshua at alphashop.net
Fri Sep 7 10:57:10 CDT 2001

An alternative:

You may try what has been done other places.  Instead of putting the info
after the filename, put it to the left of the filename and set up CF to use
a "File Not Found" handler.  Then, this file would parse the URL and return
the information to the index page at the root of the site.



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From: "Steven Gongage" <sgon at osceola.org>
Subject: [thelist] query string manipulation

: I'm building a site from the ground up in Coldfusion 5 on a 2k server
running IIS 5.  I'm in the first stage of development right now where I'm
testing ideas and playing with new toys before we get into the heavy stuff.
I came across an article about how to "hide" query strings by replacing all
"&" and "=" with "/", in other words making the entire URL look like a long

: Has anyone tried this on IIS 5?  Is it even possible?  If not, any
alternatives?  Your feedback would be VERY helpful to me.
: Thanks,
: SteveG
: Webmaster
: Osceola County IT

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