[thelist] How often to redesign

travis forden travis at treevis.com
Fri Sep 7 13:04:33 CDT 2001

At 08:30 am 2001-09-07, you wrote:
>Web site: http://www.mif.com - "keep it interesting".

i don't know if the site still does it, but webcrawler (www.webcrawler.com) 
used to change the site around a little for different holidays. the 
masthead would acquire spiders and pumpkins at halloween, turkeys and 
pumpkins for thanksgiving, etc. i found this to be pretty cool.

another option would be to add an area to the website for "what's new" 
items (as someone has already suggested) or changes the colors a bit. keep 
the structure the same though. if you make users relearn where everything 
is, then you're likely to frustrate users.

one thing you might do is think about how you can redesign a site and keep 
it flexible and extendible for additions, deletions, changes. if you make 
it flexible, then you can adjust/change it more frequently and without a 
lot of time and expense for each update.

as an aside, why do you design your site to only work best in IE4+?


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