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> From: Joe Crawford
> My employer uses fuse

i'm sorry -- seriously.  if you're using fusebox as it's described in the
white papers then you're making your system needlessly complex.  you're also
invoking unnecessary performance issues as well.

however, if you've taken the principles outlined in that white paper and
have applied them to create your own methodology, then you're probably
better off.

> To answer the original question -- one way to fake a
> querystring it to use the <CF_FORMURL2ATTRIBUTES> custom
> tag [...]

this custom tag really only facilitates pulling the values from the url and
creating name/value pairs.  it does some other unholy stuff as well, but
that's the main gist of it.

if you're going to use this tag, *please* rewrite it for your own use.  the
one provided by fusebox (at least at my last inspection) is pathetically
slow.  it also does nasty things like return variables in the attributes
scope of the calling template.  attributes isn't even a valid scope outside
of a custom tag.  it also rescopes form and url variables to the attributes
scope as well.  this may be handy for some, but is more than likely going to
cause you serious headaches.

> - it's described here (and many other places I suppose):
> http://www.cfusion.co.kr/data/Large_Scale_Fusebox_Applications.htm

or the original in english:

<ick type="wrap">

> Jeff, your experience is interesting, but perplexing.
> There may be other issues impacting the behavior you
> saw, again perplexing.

why perplexing?  is it because my experience suggests that maybe what most
have thought all along about masking urls with slashes isn't exactly true?
perplexed because if you believe me you'll feel a need to fix this in your
applications which means alot of work?

> I have to say, Apache's mod_rewrite kicks ass, and if
> someone provided functionality comparable for IIS I'd
> be a very happy man. All this mucking about in the
> programming seems lost time given the power of
> mod_rewrite. I find it frustrating that there's nothing
> comparable for IIS side.

i agree.  mod_rewrite kicks ass.  comparable functionality directly in iis
would be fantastic.  however, it's not that big a deal to do it yourself.
we just roll our own here.  create the logic once and use it from then on.
it doesn't take us any longer to develop a site with directory style urls
than it does to develop one that uses conventional querystrings.



jeff at members.evolt.org

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