[thelist] Domain handling

Eduardo Bacchi Kienetz eduardobk at via-rs.net
Fri Sep 7 13:43:27 CDT 2001

Hello people.
Going straight to the point: I have a free web space (for www.camobi.com), 
but they don't let me create subdomains (like eduardo.camobi.com ), however 
I've heard I can do it through PHP. Something like: the user types 
eduardo.camobi.com and, as normal, it's gonna go to www.camobi.com, there 
my PHP script should work to redirect, based on the string sent.
Well, I hope someone understands what I just wrote.
So, how can I do it?

Sorry about my english ;)

Eduardo Bacchi Kienetz
Santa Maria, RS, Brazil.
Development/Support Department of www.iconeweb.com.br
Webmaster - www.camobi.com

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