[thelist] Hiding file location

Herrick, Emma eherric at ju.edu
Fri Sep 7 14:05:05 CDT 2001

Thanks Anthony.

Directory browsing is off, I just didn't want people to even be able to
guess the name of another file and download.

On looking through a PHP Q/A a few minutes ago someone suggested
authenticating the user, then creating a new, randomly-named folder, copying
the file they're allowed to access to it from a secure folder with the
fileobject system, and then deleting the folder at some future point.

What do you think of that method?


>One way would be to make sure that directory browsing is turned off.
>What we do currenty is do a binary read of the file via ASP 
>then tell the 
>browser via HTTP Headers that a PDF files is coming and 
>"write" the file to 
>the browser. You can then load up the download script with 
>and such to control access to the files.
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