[thelist] PHP coding help

john corry john at neoncowboy.com
Fri Sep 7 14:42:52 CDT 2001

> <?php
> $readID = "";
> $id = "";
> $dataID = "";
> $writeID = "";
> $filename = "../xml/id_list.xml";
> //Open & read the XML doc
>      $f = fopen($filename, "a+");
>      $readID = fread($f, filesize($filename));
>      fclose($f);
>      unlink($filename);

I picked up this thread late last night and thought I'd play with it to see
where I could get...the string maipulation looks straightforward enough...

But I can't open *my* file with the "a+" mode attached (or with r+, for that
matter. I tried it both on my development machine (Win2K/IIS/PHP 4.0.4) and
on a linux/apache server. When I go to the URL...the browser tries to load
the page but just sits there...

What do you have to do to read/write to a file?


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