[thelist] is php installed?

travis forden travis at treevis.com
Fri Sep 7 14:56:54 CDT 2001

looks like it's parsing. one way to verify if PHP is installed is to create 
and upload a file that has this script in it:


this will give you the specs of your PHP installation, if it is installed 

you're script looks fine, though. might be that you've not included HTML 
headers in your file.... could you send me your file and i'll look at it?


At 01:31 pm 2001-09-07, Ryan Schroeder wrote:
>I've put the standard hello world php file up at centralsq.com/hello.php
>I expected to either see "hello world" or
><?php echo "Hello World<p>"; ?>
>but instead I got
>parse error in /export/emc-cust01/0/4/5/centra31/hello.php on line 3
>is this to be expected if php isn't installed? it seems that something got
>parsed. My host doesn't mention php as being installed but they use it on
>their own pages so I figure it might be, perhaps its just disabled on user

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