[thelist] How often to redesign

Ron Jourard jourard at defencelaw.com
Fri Sep 7 15:08:08 CDT 2001


I agree with those who say that once you've got a design that works, stay
with it and vary only the content. I say this partly because any design
changes will wreak havoc with your search engine rankings. If your site is
well ranked, don't tamper with your design lightly.

BTW you have an overabundance of link buttons at the bottom of your page.
I'd think about organizing them differently.

Ron Jourard
Toronto, Canada

> My boss thinks our corporate web site should be redesigned on a regular
basis (like every quarter or 4 months) to "keep it interesting".  I think
this is excessive.  ... Web site: http://www.mif.com

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