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Lee Stewart LeeStewart at bigfoot.com
Fri Sep 7 17:45:56 CDT 2001

> for instance, on an NT host you need a component installed on the
> server, which they generally don't have... [snip]

Just to be pedantic - you mean a host that's running Microsoft's IIS server.
An "NT host" may be running Apache.

<tip author="Lee Stewart" topic="Choosing Technology">

If you're talking to a client that has an existing website, you can find the
OS and web server that they're running using: http://validator.w3.org  Type
their URL in and you'll get details about the server software they use.

With this info, you'll know if ASP, JSP, CF, CGI, whatever is appropriate.
It won't give you a single option, but it will narrow the filed down a

Never trust the client.  If you can glean information programmatically, do


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