[thelist] Re: [thelist]Java books (was PHP vs JSP)

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Fri Sep 7 18:27:52 CDT 2001

Richard Bennett wrote: /* re' learning Java */

> It's still used on servers, but these are usually not the kind of server a
> beginning programmer would expect to be working on (they are expensive by
> and large).

In reverse order - "expensive"?  I can develop servlets and JSP pages
on my Win2K PC (until recently a 180Mhz Pentium Pro - talk about old 
and slow!) running Apache/Tomcat (both free) and take that code to a 
client's and plug them into an iPlanet app server running on Solaris.
That's handy - and cost-effective.

(I do agree that there are more options when it comes to shared PHP,
 CFM, ASP hosting than JSP, though I'm not really sure why.)

"not (what) a beginning programmer ..." - depends on how long you want
to be a "beginning" programmer, and where you want to work when you're
an "experienced" programmer, I guess :-)
I don't see the J2EE app server market going away soon, no matter how
much BG pushes C# - there are too many large installations that like
having big iron reliability *and* a choice of software vendors.  

> But then that's just my view, and I don't work at Oracle :o)

Ditto on both of those :-)

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