[thelist] Re: [thelist]Java books (was PHP vs JSP)

Pete Freitag pf at cfdev.com
Sat Sep 8 11:28:54 CDT 2001

Java is definitely worth learning, our web development firm only hires
developers that know Java.  We happen to use java a lot (not for Applets),
but I'd bet a lot of employers look for Java experience even if they never
use it.  There's a LOT of server side things you can do with java to make
your life easier, its worth learning don't let others discourage you, but
anyways on to books... I recommend Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel.

Pete Freitag (pfreitag at cfdev.com)
ColdFusion Developer Resources

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> PHP (and/or ASP)
> Javascript.
> then maybe some Perl and Flash,
> and then XML and other emerging technologies like C# for .NET.
> Somewhere round this point you might want to look into Java-server too.

I know HTML, I'm working on PHP and ASP, and I know Flash..

I'm probably going to learn XML next

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