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ASP Plus is the old name. It is now ASP.NET - part of Microsoft's .NET
initiative. It is in BETA 2 and is scheduled for general release in
October/NOvember supposedly.

It is not an extension of "Classic" ASP. It is actually an entirely new
version. You cannot mix Classic ASP with ASP.NET in applications. Of
course, you can pass the values of an ASP Page to an ASP.NET page and
vice versa, but you can't intermingle the two on a single page.

ASP.NET is programmed in VB.NET, and is fully compiled (in a manner of
speaking), whereas Classic ASP was using VBScript - so was "interpreted"
code (i.e. much slower and not as scaleable).

Check out the following articles and resources:

ASP Migration to ASP.NET


ASP.Net, ASP+ . . .What is what?

Getting Started With ASP.Net

Moving To ASP.Net

Should We Move To ASP.Net?

Additionally, there is simply too much to ASP.NET that I could never
explain it in an email or 1 or 2 articles. I would suggest looking at a
couple of books:
ASP.NET in 21 Days

XML For ASP.NET Developers

Additionally, I would check and find out if the app you are talking
about was written in BETA 1 ASP.NET or BETA 2. There are significant
differences between the two Betas and since you are mentioning "ASP
Plus" (i.e. the "old" name) I fear it might be in Beta 1. You may need
to have an ASP.NET programmer tweak it before launching it. The good
news is there are only going to be minimal changes in syntax on the
final release - unlike the changes from Beta 1 to Beta 2. So if someone
tweaks your code to be launched now, you won't have to worry about
making major changes again after the final release. If you need an
ASP.NET programmer to take a look at it - let me know. . .I can get you
in touch with a few.

Additionally, as far as hosting goes - the undisputed champion right now
for .NET hosting is Orcsweb (http://www.orcsweb.com/). Good prices and
super excellent customer service. Very reliable too.

Hope that helps.

Don Makoviney
ASP.Net Programmer/Instructor
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> An acquaintance of mine has a site designed with an online application
> was created in ASP Plus. I stumbled on this the first time I heard of
> is it an extension to ASP or is it something altogether different like
> Java and JavaScript relationship? He had the application developed by
> student who has now gone abroad to more profitable pursuits and all he
> is how to do marketing. It isn't live yet, where could he host it
might be
> an issue too.
> Lost in ASP land.
> Peter Kaulback
> "Confusion is mightier than the sword." -- Abbie Hoffman

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