[thelist] ASP Plus??

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sat Sep 8 13:57:48 CDT 2001

Don, excellent post. I'd just like to clear up one of your points...

On Sep 8, Don Makoviney had something to say about [fwd] Re: [thelist] ASP...

>ASP.NET is programmed in VB.NET, and is fully compiled (in a manner of

I think this is a tad misleading:

a. ASP.NET, like classic ASP, can be programmed in any number of
languages. One of the more popular ASP.NET languages is C# ("c sharp").
b. ASP.NET is not fully compiled. It's precompiled into a common
language. So, an ASP.NET "script" written in VB will look the same after
precompilation as an ASP.NET "script" written in C#. It's much like Java's

point a is important here because the original poster will need to figure
out what language was used as well.



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