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lauren g lauren3g at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 8 14:13:21 CDT 2001

>Brad Miller <brad at beldamar.com> posted:
>... snip ...transparent gif with some text in it. Every time I save the 
>file in gif format it makes the edges of all the text really, really, 
>really jagged. I am using PS6 and the resolution of the psd is at 300, and 
>the image is about 500x150 my font size is set at 12.

First of all I am assuming you are using imageready (inside of Photoshop) to 
save this as a gif.  I would think before you go to imageready you would 
reduce your image to 72DPI.  I design at 72DPI since that is all a system 
will render.  (If you need it for print then the 600 DPI is needed.)  This 
could be your first problem.

Also have you tried to dither your image in imageready . . .although this 
will increase image size?  Do you have enough colors in your palette?  Also 
you will need to matte this image to what ever the background color it will 
be sitting on.  Looks like white right now.

I don't know your level or expertise in Photoshop.  If you need more 
detailed explanation, email me off list.
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