[thelist] Coloring specific table cells based on a variable

david braun david.braun at centralnet.ch
Sat Sep 8 15:44:27 CDT 2001


I've just been stumped on this reply (yep, not a real recent thread ; )

[04.12.2000 - 11:55 Uhr]
Peter-Paul Koch wrote:

> Do it in CSS, no JavaScript needed. Give the BODY a class of home, library, 
> programs, etc. then do
> BODY.home TD {background-color: #ffffff;}
> BODY.library TD
> BODY.programs TD
> which means 'any TD inside a BODY with class="home"' (or library or 
> programs).
> Much simpler.
> ppk

Now, two Questions:

I don't quite understand how to read the above? (this is absolutely new
to me, seems like I'm quite out of date) - and this leads me to the
other question: 

Though I read quite some books about this stuff, I've never come across
such beasts. Where the heck can one learn such stuff? (If only I knew
this few months ago)

Thanks lots


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