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Alastair Murdoch alastair at cubeit.co.uk
Sun Sep 9 08:55:22 CDT 2001

In my experience, the only way to get ultradev to show pages correctly is to
use it solely to produce the code.  Ultradev gets more than a little upset
if you alter any of it's generated code, it won't display any blocks of code
you create yourself (as you've found out), and it can sometimes make a pigs
ear of include files.

However, it usually leaves your generated code alone, so if you can cope
with a less than perfect wysiwyg display, you can still use it for html
layout etc. just preview in your browser to check the layout.

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I'm finding UltraDev will not show my asp pages properly when I use
functions to write sections of the page, and it's proving quite
to my productivity.

e.g.  I have a function 'pghdr' that writes the header code for each
page -
from the opening <html> tag to just before the closing </head>.  The
function is defined within an asp file include.

UD doesn't like this.  It doesn't seem to read the code within the
and consequently won't render the page properly in WYSIWYG view.  And in
code view I lose all the tag colour coding.

Does anyone know a way around this?  I don't want to use the Library if I
can avoid it, as I don't know that UD will be used for maintenance.  I
wonder if I'm doing something wrong, and that maybe I should just give up
including fundamental page tags in the function?

Thanks for any hints,

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