[thelist] Google is indexing me......

CDitty mail at redhotsweeps.com
Sun Sep 9 10:14:40 CDT 2001

As far as I can tell, there are not any users yet hitting these links.  It 
is just the Google spider causing all these errors.   Since it is the 
spider causing problems, my 404 page will have no effect.

Will the mod_rewrite take care of links like this - 
/One_Time/Household_Items/Lawn_and_Garden/\forum\ ?


At 09:57 AM 9/9/2001, you wrote:

>One option would be to just go with the flow and use mod_rewrite to
>correct the URL.
>That is, if you have mod_rewrite available to you. The other option is
>using the 404 document, but I don't think that will fix your errorlog
>On Sep 9, CDitty had something to say about [thelist] Google is indexing...
> >Google is indexing me and is filling up my error log.  For some reason,
> >they keep trying to hit my forums and are trying to call it with a \forum
> >instead of /forum (see below).
> >
> >[Sun Sep 9 01:12:53 2001] [error] [client] File does not
> >exist: /One_Time/Household_Items/Lawn_and_Garden/\forum\
> >
> >
> >They are doing this on almost every single page.  Can anyone offer any
> >advice on fixing this?  I have verified all my links and they are
> >correct.  I would hate to have to block Google as I get tons of traffic
> >from them.
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