[thelist] The case of a wayward app . . .

Bruce Heerssen bruce at heerssen.com
Sun Sep 9 13:21:15 CDT 2001

databarn wrote:

> Folk,
> Once upon a time, about three machines ago, there was this little app that could provide real-time web connection data, kinda like Microsoft's Net Watcher, but much more powerful.  It could tell what systems were connected, and show the activity for each of those systems, e.g., page requests, upload, download, etc., while it was happening.  It could even forcibly disconnect a selected system.

Hmmm... There is a program called ZoneAlarm, which is a personal 
firewall. It does do most of what you are asking:


It gives a breakdown of which programs are accessing the internet and 
whether they are downloading or uploading (making requests or whatever).

It also gives you the option of shutting off internet access to each 
program individually, as well as specifying whether they can act as a 

It doesn't give you minute control over such things as individual 
requests, that is you can't say x program may access 
ftp://ftp.tucows.com/ but not http://www.download.com/ >



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