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Thanks, Bruce,

But that's not quite what I'm looking for.  (I do use ZoneAlarmPro as a firewall.)  If you've ever used Net Watcher with Win9x/NT, you'll see a scaled-down version of what this did.  Or perhaps you've seen some of the port scanning tools.  This app took those scans one step further by providing drill-down capability in real-time.  ZA doesn't quite manage that:  it allows or denies access on an application basis (Ok, you can filter IPs too, but that's not quite what's wanted here <grin!>.).  What this little app would allow was the ability to shut down one particular connection (like Net Watcher).  So, between the real-time reports of a particular machine's accesses (and excesses) and the disconnect capability, you could conceivably catch a hacker in the act and curtail that activity.  Not likely, but you _could_.  

The use I had for it was to close 'runaway' intranet applications, and to restrain a certain few connections that were automated download processes gleaning everything (every downloadable file) on the site.  (The downloading was not a problem, per se, but the automated processes blocked other users from normal site activities.)  Basically, it's just another site management tool, but in real-time.

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From:	Bruce Heerssen [bruce at heerssen.com]
Time:	9/9/2001 at 12:11PM

Hmmm... There is a program called ZoneAlarm, which is a personal
firewall. It does do most of what you are asking:

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