[thelist] Finished, at last !

Frank framar at interlog.com
Sun Sep 9 15:03:10 CDT 2001

>  Before I unleash this on an unsuspecting public I wanted
>  to ask you to do a site critique to see if there is
>  anything I missed, and please, no Blockbuster gags :)

Before I unleash this critique on you, I want to point out that the 
following is merely opinion, and is to be taken or left at your 
discretion. <g>

The first thing that I noticed on my Mac Netscape 4.7 is that the 
window meeds be resized to view the whole page. Thus at my usual 
browsing size, I get that you are 'Rat K, web des'.

I'm colour blind, and though the pink does stand out well on the 
black, it hurts the eyes a bit to focus on the small text.

I would find it easier if there were a headline at the top of each 
page that would allow me to get a quick impression of what the page 
is about, without having to read a lot a 9 point text.

I've always liked that people would include a thumbnail that gives an 
impression of the look and feel of the site that is part of the 
portfolio. Good job on that. (But that's very much a personal 
preference.) You might wish to consider popping each external link 
into a new window.

On the MP3 section your include the size of the file to be 
downloaded. Good on you. That's well done.

The FAQ launches into a series of questions. It might be nice to have 
a short head line "Frequently asked questions for bands wanting to 
sign up" or something similar, to give the user a little bit of 

site.shtml: You do well in asking for feedback as to what the user 
likes and may dislike. I might consider asking questions that are 
more specific. One rule of thumb I've leaned in life is that in order 
to get quality data, it's often a good idea to present the user with 
a menu of choices, rather than an open ended question. Q:"Where do 
you want to go tonight?" vs. Q: "Would you prefer to eat Chinese, 
Italian or Greek food tonight?"

Also, I've noticed that you've asked about their tastes but not the 
purpose they intend to achieve by shelling out cash for your site.

All in all, well done.


Some are born great. Some achieve greatness.
Both are excellent contacts to keep in your Rolodex.
                                   -- Bob Patterson.

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