[thelist] Finished, at last !

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Sun Sep 9 16:05:27 CDT 2001

a few things I noticed:

In the faq:
<<Q: Should I buy .com, .co.uk, .org, or .net?
<<a .com address, though the most expensive option
AFAIK a .com costs exactly the same as a .net or .org

<<Q: What is hosting and why do I need to pay for it?
<<I have rented some computer space which I then sub-let
This doesn't sound very professional at all.
You might also want to mention that with free hosting they will get adverts,
popups, slow connections, and are often not allowed .mpg or .ra files.

<<Q: How much does a web site cost?
<<My prices start at £70
This gives the impression your a student trying to earn a little on the
side, or you make websites in a couple of hours time.

<<Q: You want to charge me £150 for a web site but my friend with Front Page
<<do it for £30. Why should I use you?
I would  drop the prices from this.

There are a few spelling mistakes here and there too.

The "Want to know more" button is a dead link.

On your "Easily" link it says £8.50, on their site it says from £9.99

In the Portfolio section the first entry isn't very convincing.

The text-color is a little head-ache provoking here and there, and it's a
shame the font-size can't be increased from the browser.

You might want some more band-like graphics.

Very nice that it works well in NS4, Mozilla and IE5.5
I like the concept, and it's a good start.


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> Dear List members
>                            I have finally finished the site that I hope
> bring me in some more work, http://www.ratking.co.uk . My idea is, I want
> do sites for bands so they can have an e-mail list, put some MP3s up etc.
> This site has taken me months to do, so long in fact that a music paper
> I link to has gone up in price twice since I originally wrote the page. It
> uses HTML, JavaScript, ASP, CSS, and SSI, and I am very proud of it.
> I unleash this on an unsuspecting public I wanted to ask you to do a site
> critique to see if there is anything I missed, and please, no Blockbuster
> gags :)
> Kev
> kjs at ratking.co.uk
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