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Ross Lynch kernel at esatclear.ie
Mon Sep 10 04:46:23 CDT 2001

> http://www.ratking.co.uk

Home Page

1. I'd make your navigation buttons rollovers. They
look a little bit 90's static.

2. The pink text is difficult to read (it's
moderatly sunny outside and there is some monitor
glare, but I'd still increase the background/text
contrast - same applies to some of the other pages


1. .com, .net, .org are all the same price anywhere
I've looked.

2. You're explaining what hosting is... if I had a
band and wanted a site, to be honest, I really
wouldn't care what hosting was. I think maybe your
FAQ should take more of a "What is a website going
to do for our band?", "Can people download our
music?", "Can we update it with dates of gigs
ourselves?", etc. kind of approach. All that
technical stuff could really go in Terms and
Conditions document that details exactly what the
client will get.

3. "When you sign up with an ISP such as Freeserve
you automatically receive some free web space and it
will be cheaper to use this initially if you don't
want me to host your site" You sound a bit on the
desperate side there. If I was you, I'd decide how
I'm going to do the site. Sort out your hosting, and
offer that to your client. Don't start giving them
cheaper options elsewhere. You're losing mark-up.
Additionally, if they've got a Freeserve account,
it's their business to bring it to your attention,
not vice versa.

4. On the "who owns the website" issue, you might
want to state that you own the copyright.

5. How do you justify 70 quid for a couple of pages?
Seriously, it's like walking into a garage and
having a salesperson tell you that you can have this
brand spanking new car for £500...

6. You shouldn't need to explain why your sites will
be better than one's done for 30 quid with
Frontpage. Your portfolio is there for that.

7. "Can we sell..." - don't talk about it later. If
it's a service you're offering, sort out what it's
about and get details of it on your site.

8. Issues regarding allowable content belong in
Terms & Conditions. Furthermore, get the clients
their own hosting so that you won't be sued.


1. "means that you own the name, not just rent it
from a company." You can't buy a domain name; you
can only rent it.

I want a site

1. Good form. Maybe find out more details about
their band though...


1. Maybe space out the links by a line or two.

Hope this helps.


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