[thelist] Finished, at last !

Steven Gongage sgon at osceola.org
Mon Sep 10 09:06:31 CDT 2001

As always, take this with a grain of salt.

The colors are somewhat glaring considering how static they are.  If you don't do rollover or flash animations I would cut out the gradient circle inside the hexagons and jazz up the text inside of the navbar.  Try the font you use for your "Rat King" logo.

Also, some formatting needs to be done to the text area on the start page.  Since there's no splash page, customers are comming to default.shtml and judging your abilities to build a website based on that page.  Add some band art or page header graphics or something to let them know you have the abilities they're seeking.  In other words, wow them.

I like the FAQ page and the tone you take answering them.  Sounds like you are talking to your audience.  But the "Isn't that censorship" question could probably be dumped (IMO).  And I agree with taking the prices off of the FAQ.  Not the right place for it, unless the Q is "How much is a site" and the answer is a link to your pricing page.  Just incase prices rise to meet the overwhelming demand on your site ;-)

Otherwise, I think your idea is right on track, and I love the idea!  Best of luck!


>>> kjs at ratking.co.uk 09/09/01 03:22PM >>>
Dear List members
                           I have finally finished the site that I hope will
bring me in some more work, http://www.ratking.co.uk . My idea is, I want to
do sites for bands so they can have an e-mail list, put some MP3s up etc.
This site has taken me months to do, so long in fact that a music paper that
I link to has gone up in price twice since I originally wrote the page. It
uses HTML, JavaScript, ASP, CSS, and SSI, and I am very proud of it. Before
I unleash this on an unsuspecting public I wanted to ask you to do a site
critique to see if there is anything I missed, and please, no Blockbuster
gags :)

kjs at ratking.co.uk 

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