RatKing (Re: [thelist] Finished, at last !)

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Mon Sep 10 10:25:36 CDT 2001

I have to agree about nixing the pink text, and adding mouseovers for the
buttons, I also have to commend your ability to avoid superfluous
apostrophes. You refer (correctly) to 'MP3s' and 'FAQs' on your home page,
instead of the ubiquitous MP3's and FAQ's.

Other similar sites have seemed amateurish and obnoxious. Your writing is
casual, but made me want to check out the rest of the site. Nice work so


> >>> kjs at ratking.co.uk 09/09/01 03:22PM >>>
> Dear List members
>                            I have finally finished the site that I hope
> bring me in some more work, http://www.ratking.co.uk . My idea is, I want
> do sites for bands so they can have an e-mail list, put some MP3s up etc.
> This site has taken me months to do, so long in fact that a music paper
> I link to has gone up in price twice since I originally wrote the page. It
> uses HTML, JavaScript, ASP, CSS, and SSI, and I am very proud of it.
> I unleash this on an unsuspecting public I wanted to ask you to do a site
> critique to see if there is anything I missed, and please, no Blockbuster
> gags :)
> Kev
> kjs at ratking.co.uk

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