[thelist] Dreamweaver Templates

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Mon Sep 10 10:58:15 CDT 2001

> So many questions!!! I'm sure I'll get it but wanted to see if anyone had
> downloaded any templates and how they were installed.

I've never downloaded any, but I have made many. 
.dwt are your template files. They need to be in a folder called
"Templates" directly under the site root (i.e /Templates). You can
create a new site, or just drop them in an existing one. They should
then be available in your New From Template menu in that site. 
I'm guessing the .htm files are samples? You can put them in  /
(actually it shouldn't matter as long as they are under the same root as
/Templates, as DWT's use root relative paths -- that's kind of the whole

Have a look at paths in the .htm files -- that should tell you the rest.
Unzip the thing to a scratch/tmp folder and take a look.


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